Peer Review

Peer Review of Gillian Lai’s website

Gillian described her website to be about the difference between reality and fiction.

I like how Gillian is able to be comfortable to play with her name despite being teased throughout her upbringing.

I don’t know if it was done on purpose but I like the colour scheme: black, white, and grey. To me, these colours play around the idea of lying. The world is not always black and white just like when Gillian was talking about “white lies” = the grey areas of the world. Although I do enjoy the colours, I would suggest Gillian to maybe choose a darker grey as majority of her website focuses on white, the light grey is really hard on the eyes. I had to focus really hard and missed some of the words such as (what I believe to be) the categories (ex: ASSIGNMENT, POSIEL, PROCESS LOG that is above the title of the blog) when I was scroll the page.

Gillian stated that she is aiming for minimalism in one of her posts which I can see is present throughout her website. However, her website’s background is white and her blog is text heavy that she can do other things that can still be minimal but have a great impact for the reader. I would suggest Gillian to thicken her text, because of the white space surrounding the text is so even that it is straining for the readers’ eyes. Gillian did an excellent job with her text spacing/line spacing. As stated, her blog is text heavy that the white spaces allow the readers to read easily without losing their place.

Although Gillian said her blog is text heavy, the way she constructs her blogs, mainly the “learn to lie” collections is fairly easy to read. I enjoyed the “conversation-like” style as it is really easy to relate.

I look forward to see the changes Gillian makes and for her to continue her “lessons” on lying.

Gillian Lai

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